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/i/ A great debut EP by German black metal. Occult and avantgarde. Favorite track: Antic-christ.
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Dark Complaining Art


released June 22, 2014

Noryn - Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Synth
Niggurath - Guitars, Bass, Woodwind

Mixed and Mastered by Noryn
Graphics by Niggurath

Songs and Artwork by
Raube das Licht aus dem Rachen der Schlange



all rights reserved


Raube das Licht aus dem Rachen der Schlange Wiesbaden, Germany

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Track Name: Antic-christ
A lowlife Light-God has risen from devolution
The Antagonist of men, the enemy of emotion

„Demut ist der Ekel des Lebens. Erstickt die Flamme. Drum raube das Licht aus dem Rachen der Schlange“

Dazzled by (holy) light. Sickness follows the blind.
Lowliness is the truth of your progress.
Are you in favour?
Fuck off!

Gulled by fright. Humility, your way to survive. No strength to hide.
Your God, your emptiness, your selflessness,( your) obsequiousness… scaremongers!

I can see this fragment of a world, it’s like a dream before my eyes.
As a nightmare of witless demise
A gloomy sun is shining, covering (up) the deepness of a live I’ve never lived.
Searching a flame in an endless void of light.
Searching truth in a bright gleam of death.

Nothing to believe in a world of compromise and imbecilic self-deception.

I curse your Idols, your godliest apathy.

All my emotions bleed through me,
I am the beast eternally.
Track Name: Liv-id
Scum in glare, submissive admirers of God,
Defectors of light, lost in love

I deride, your sacrifice to afterlife
Float your failure to thrive

Bigoted race of bloody nails
Commandments for grave
Traitors of live!

I see a god restrain his conception
A inventor of sin, and the highest contrariety all within.
Rats! Mind-folks!
Vengeance to retrain, for a dead race, a dead race in chains…

Dead race in chains. (several times)

Resignation in believe of salvation
Resignation in devotion to absolution

“Totgebor‘ne Sinnlichkeit, du Verklärer dieser Welt. Was ist so groß daran alles gleich zu tun?“

The weakness of God bleeds through me,
This nothingness I can see,
The emptiness of a world from beyond
A delusion never to respond.

Stare, into the night. (2x)

I stare…
I stare…
Into the night.
I stare and clear the light!